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C&M is an expert business consultancy specialising in supply-side commodity analysis. Our mission is to help our clients make informed, objective and conclusive decisions about their future activities based on independent, insightful and thorough industry analysis.






Operating for over a decade and headquartered in Australia, we established an office in Beijing in 2002 with the objective of creating a world-class commodity research capability in China.

Over the past six years, C&M has assisted its clients achieve leadership positions by establishing from first principles the fundamentals of cost and structure for a wide range of China’s base metals industries, including aluminium, ferro-alloys, magnesium, molybdenum, nickel, tungsten and zinc.

“Get out to find out” is the very core of the C&M way. We go where the data and our analysis takes us. Our dedicated research teams conduct around 500 targeted field visits every year to mines, refineries, smelters and other key operating sites. We pride ourselves in our safety record and use only the best industry specific personal injury lawyers Perth, so you can be sure you are always covered. Our industry networks are extensive. We believe that the processes and methodologies we have developed over the years to acquire, analyse, assimilate and interpret commodity industry data gives us a competitive edge which is difficult to emulate.

C&M has recently completed in-depth studies of China's nickel pig-iron industry and the global primary magnesium industry. Both of these reports are now available for immediate delivery.

For information about this report please click on the link above or if you would like further information about one of our other studies please send us an email info@clarkandmarron.com.au

If you would like to view a diagram which explains what we do click here

C&M along with Aladdiny have developed an Alumina price index.