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C&M is an independent and world leading
consultancy in the magnesium industry.






With the primary supply base heavily concentrated in China, understanding the cost structure of China’s magnesium producers is absolutely essential in understanding the future of the magnesium industry. C&M has conducted over 300 individual field visits to Chinese magnesium and magnesium related operations. Our industry network is unparalleled and our cost and price models have benefitted from the quality of the input data our field teams continually gather in China.

Our analysis is unique; we gather all primary cost input data independently and analyse it using our own purpose built models. Our analysis often leads to conclusions which are contrary to convention.

Over the past three years, transparency in the magnesium industry supply chain has reduced. C&M has dedicated resources actively and continually monitoring supply chain activity, as well as preparing the first independent inventory monitoring system for China’s primary magnesium industry. Outside China, several new primary magnesium projects are at various stages of development. Can any of these projects seriously compete with China? If they can, which are likely to succeed and why?

On the demand side, where is growth most likely to appear and why? How realistic is the view that magnesium will eventually penetrate the automotive die-casting industry in high volume applications? To understand this issue in depth, C&M commissioned a fully independent assessment of the global automotive industry to gauge the response of key technical and market executives to the potential for magnesium to penetrate the global automotive industry. The findings from this assessment form the core of our long term demand analysis, set out in matrix form on a regional and key market sector basis.

Magnesium Charts

The company has released a number of multi-client studies on the global magnesium industry over the past decade and plans to release a new 10-Year outlook for the primary magnesium industry in 2009.

For information about this and other recent reports conducted by C&M, please email us at info@clarkandmarron.com.au

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