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Communications with our clients is an essential part
of our process. We have a protected section of this
site dedicated to sharing the results of our analyses
with clients.






C&M provides a highly specialised consultancy service. We assist our clients by providing a professional, independent and often fresh view of the industries in which they participate. They often call us when they are seeking an alternative view. We generate our views by conducting our own primary research; we believe there is no better way.

We build enduring relationships through trust and mutual respect and we are always mindful of local customs and culture. We are prepared to present the truth as we see it, even if it means taking a view contrary to conventional wisdom.

Although our preference is to work and collaborate closely with our clients over long periods, from time to time we release multi-client reports, depending on specific industry circumstances and the general level of interest.

For information, please email us at info@clarkandmarron.com.au